AS-03 Mini Linear Actuator
Mini Linear Actuator AS-03
The AS-03 is a miniature linear actuator with interesting features.
It comes in a rugged aluminium housing measuring only 52 mm in length and 14 mm in diameter, making it perfect for using in all the applications where room is at a premium.
Small dimensions notwithstanding, it incorporates a dedicated driving circuitry, with limit switches and logical input.
The implementation is very simple. Just three wires comes out of the actuator, two of them are for power supply and the third is for controlling. A logical input of 1 makes the piston moving at 'out' position, while logical input 0 bring the piston at its retracted position. The stand-by current is very low (50 µA @ 4.5V), fact that makes it suitable for battery powered and portable appliances.
The required current at the logical input is extremely low: this means that the AS-03 can be operated in a "touch switch" mode (just connect the signal cable and the positive cable to two metallic plates and you will be able to switch the AS-03 just with the touch of your finger).
Various force/speed factors and various stroke lengths are available upon request (varying these parameters may affect the length of the housing).
12V operation is implementable as well upon request.

The tipical applications for AS-03 are: robotics, industrial automation, consumer appliances, electronic toys... and any other application where a  simple and robust miniature sized linear actuator is needed.
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AS-03 Technical Data
Body length 52 mm
Diameter 14 mm
Piston diameter 5 mm
Input Voltage 3 - 4.5 Vdc
Input Current (operation) 100 mA
Stand-by Current2 50 µA
Max Force at 4.5 V1 2 N
Stroke1 5mm (±1mm)
Speed (approx., no load)1 40 mm/sec
Holding force > 5 N
1 Can be customized in order to meet the requirements of your application
2  Measured at 4.5 Vdc
Important notice: The AS-03 is not to be used in life support devices or systems, if a failure of the AS-03 can reasonably be expected to cause the failure of that life support device or system, or to affect the safety or effectiveness of that device or system.
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